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Article on Daleela's tour - in Bengali

Translation of Icore Ekdin Article Above

On December 11, 2009, Abhishek Basu, Jim Wendt, Eric Everett, Matt Beardy and Daleela Morad presented a fusion program consisting of classical tabla, jazz, funk, rock and fusion. In her gold and white costume, the beautiful and sexy belly dancer, Daleela Morad, shook her hips with all her 20 years of experience to the rhythms of Indian Classical Tabla. This was the first time that the people of Kolkata experienced belly dancing to Indian Tablas. The Kolkata audience was stunned by her performance.

Thanks to the founder of this project, percussionist Abhishek Basu, this was a program not only to watch but also to feel. But, he doesn't want to take the credit alone. He states that thanks to the help of his co-artists he was able to bring to Kolkata this unique type of program. His aim is to continue to combine the American culture with the Indian Culture. Watching the whole team perform was delightful and enchanting.

Icore Ekdin

Gul Sanara

First Time Ever! Indian Tabla with Belly Dance

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