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Press Articles from India Tour

India Photo
On the way to our Star Ananda TV Interview

India Photo
Outside Star Ananda TV Station with Jambination

India Photo
Our Poster

India Photo
Before Our Big Promo Show

India Photo
Posing for Press Photos at the Princeton Club

India Photo
It's Showtime!

India Photo
Abhishek Basu - Amazing Tabla Player

India Photo
Opening Dance

India Photo
Belly Dance with Indian Tablas

India Photo
Bellydance with Indian Tabla

India Photo
Percussion Duet

India Photo
Double Veil Dance

India Photo
Sword Dance

India Photo
Sword dance with floor work

India Photo
Amazing Indian Wedding!

India Photo
With Kali at the Wedding

India Photo
A night out on the town - Kolkata

India Photo
Setting up for Big Ben Show - Christmas Day 2009

India Photo
Backstage - New Year's Eve with Jambination

India Photo
Outside Mother Theresa's Orphanage with Alo

India Photo
Kali and Alo - our wonderful hosts

India Photo
Daleela with Abhishek Basu


As the land of music and dance, like wild fire, you ignited me.
Thank you for lending me your vital creative energy.
I now blaze forward with a renewed creative spirit,

I am honored that you gave me this opportunity,
To live, eat and dance in your land,
I thank you for your spiritual gifts.

You taught me about the power of community, unity and connection,
My wonderful hosts embraced me as family,
And I experienced healing.

Amidst your great poverty, I connected to the pain in my own heart,
Then, at Mother Teresas Orphanage, I felt a great love & immense joy.
India, you opened my spiritual heart, and I will never be the same again!

As the land of many contrasts,
You taught me about compassion and humbleness,
I learned to see, hear and speak with my spiritual heart,
And my capacity for compassion and love flowered.

Ill never forget the rickety rickshaws,
The 3-fingered child beggars,
The black pollution from the exhaust fumes,
The multitudes of people on the streets everywhere,
And the women in beautiful multi colored saris.

Most of all, I will never forget your music-loving people;
I will always remember their love for dance,
and how their emotional expressiveness sparked me.
My art has come alive in ways it never would have otherwise!

Thank you for serving as my muse and for reviving my spirit!

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